24 Hour Plan - Meals & Snacks

Includes: 6 Nutrient Dense Recipes, Step-by-Step Video Instructions, Shopping Lists, Grocery Store Hacks, Pro Insights and more.

What YOU get (instantly!):

  • Mobile, Tablet & Laptop Friendly! (Convenient!)
  • A Done for You Meal Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & 3 Healthy Snacks all laid out for you!
  • All 6 Healthy Recipes include Step by Step Video Instructions
  • A Full Shopping & Ingredient List
  • Simple & Easy to Follow Written Instructions
  • Unlimited Access to Content
  • Benefits Explained (!!) of the Foods that you are eating!
  • Education & Tips on Food Timing, Hydration, and Optimal Food Digestion
  • BONUS Tools & Resources Included!

Who should sign up?

  • Rugby Athletes who want to kick start their Journey towards Healthier Eating Habits
  • Rugby Athletes who want to Decrease Decision Making Fatigue by having a Done for You Meal Plan for the day before or day after a Game!
  • Rugby Athletes who want some Easy to Follow Nutritional Guidance (even if for only one day)
  • Rugby Athletes who want to Learn HOW to Cook Simple & Healthy Meals
  • Rugby Athletes who want to Meal Plan around Practices & Games!

Welcome to the One Meal Plan Away Challenge!

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"Working with Troy and Sarah Hall has been an important part of my life, I’ve known Troy as his All Star coach when he first arrived in NY thru his national championships with NYAC, to his USA international career. I worked with Sarah in physical therapy after a debilitating neck injury left me with severe nerve damage and almost no use in my hands. I continue to seek their help as coach of Iona College and as asst coach in Rugby United NY. Troy and Sarah are professionals of the highest order. They help simplify the triumvirate of performance that each athlete must balance, the physical, nutritional, and psychological. Whether you are an aspiring player who wishes to build a foundation of performance, an established professional who’s trying to improve and gain an edge, or a retiring player who’s looking to transition from playing to just a regular life, the Hall Wellness & Sports Consultants have expertise to help you achieve your goals. As coaches, having a group plan for your players, especially your most dedicated players can give your players the ability to learn how to best operate without you needing to babysit them, which in my experience allows them to thrive and become self directed leaders making the team more powerful, cohesive, and together. I’ve known the Hall family for many years their successes confirm their professional capability, I can attest personally that their character is of the highest order. I recommend Troy and Sarah Hall to anyone seeking to better themselves, their children, or their team in sports and wellness.

Professional Coach

"Working with Troy and Sarah has been extremely beneficial for me on and off the field. I went in with the initial goals of being a better person and trying to help better others around me. I also wanted to improve my work/life balance & Rugby. They have both been amazing with their support and advice on a weekly basis. Troy has helped me out a lot on the mental side of things with work and rugby and how to transition between the both - always asking the “how” and “why” questions which get you thinking why are you doing this and how are you planning on achieving it. Sarah has shared her knowledge on Nutrition & Health with me which has caused me to be a lot more mindful and prepared when it comes to training, games and everyday life. I would recommend both to any rugby player or athlete! I look forward to working with the Hall’s and becoming a more well rounded person and athlete. Thanks!"

Professional Athlete

"I have coached Troy Hall on multiple occasions, as a National Champion winner at the New York Athletic Club as well as on the United States National Rugby Team. Getting to know Troy and having the opportunity to coach him was a tremendous privilege for me. He was truly a gifted player on the field; a player possessed of multiple talents and the unique ability to carry a team on his shoulders with electric pace and an extraordinary skill set. However, it was it was away from the matches that set Troy apart and prepared him to be a multi-faceted weapon and champion in the heat of battle.Great teams and national squads always have a great amount of talent at any given time; however, it is the character of a man that sets apart the truly great competitors. Troy Hall is one of those elite players, but he is also a man of superior integrity as well. He defines what an athlete should aspire to be - hard working, humble, successful and respected. Troy worked hard to ensure his success through a committed program of strength and conditioning as well as diet and skill enhancement. He was always prepared to play on game day - and succeed. His demeanor is that of a gentleman - soft spoken and liked and respected by all of his teammates and coaches. Troy saved his biggest statements for the field and accepted the accolades with humility. It has been no accident that he has accomplished what he did throughout his life, and continues to give back and inspire."

Professional Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions!

How long do I have Access?
As soon as you sign up, you will have unlimited access to everything inside!
If I have a question, who do I Contact?
Of course! Contact either Troy or Sarah. [email protected] [email protected]
Why did we create this Challenge?
Because committed rugby athletes want to know what to eat, when to eat, and the why's of eating certain foods so they can perform at the best on and off the field. And who wouldn't want a "Done-for-you" meal plan you can put on repeat to help prep them before game days or recovery days?

...and this is about SO much more than just rugby.

Rugby is such a small part of someone's life, and it can change just like that...and injury and non-selection, a setback. Personally, as a Family, we have had to deal with some major challenges, ON and OFF the field.

....Some that even we thought we would never recover from!

But a few years ago a light bulb went off and we decided that we HAD to change things up and start to take care of ourselves a lot better than we had been.

There was no more rugby, no more scheduled practices, no more rugby community....and we had two new human beings to take care of and be strong, fit, and healthy role models for.

.....we don't just talk the talk inside of this membership and help people implement the material. But everything inside there NOW, we currently we use or has been helpful in the past, and the same will apply to ALL future content.

The videos won't be perfect....and everything may not be in an ideal shape. But what we can promise you is that we will always try to bring you genuine 'real-life' practical skills and content that hopefully, will help you live a happier and healthier life.

See you inside!

Your Wellness Consultants,

Ex-International & Duel USA Eagle #422, Troy Hall, and Dr. Sarah Hall PT, DPT & Functional Nutritionist.

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